Frequently asked questions

We have compiled on this page the questions frequently asked by our customers.
If you have any further questions we will be happy to answer you. Contact us!

How it works?

  • Contact our team in the “Contact us” tab, we speak French, English, Spanish and Italian very well!
  • A member of our team will contact you to arrange your property details.
  • An appointment is set with our partner to take pictures of your property (costs covered by St Tropez key).
  • You will be matched with an on-demand host who you will meet in your apartment / villa prior to your departure.
  • We will be dedicated to the maintenance of your property while welcoming travelers and will be your main point of contact during your absence.
  • You will receive guaranteed income whether or not your apartment is booked.
  • The solution is tailor-made: 100% free, no hidden costs, no commission.
  • You’ll return to your spotless apartment and can’t wait to get paid to leave.

How much will I be paid?

St tropez Key will calculate your guaranteed income. There are no hidden fees or commissions, you will receive 100% of your income guaranteed whether your property is rented or not.

How does St Tropez Key calculate guaranteed income?

Our estimate is based on five main criteria:

  • The location
  • Sleeping capacity
  • The size of the property (M2)
  • Seasonality and the period of absence
  • The state of the property

Our algorithm will combine all of the above and provide an estimate of your guaranteed income based on your period of absence.

Is subletting legal?

Yes, subletting your property with St tropez key is 100% legal.
For more information regarding specifics and conditions, please contact us.

Is my property insured?

Two different insurances cover your property:
Our insurance (“STTROPEZKEY” contact us for more information)
Your own insurance in the event of damage caused by wear and tear (e.g. water leaks, boiler problems, etc.)
St Tropez Key is not responsible for any additional charges associated with travelers staying at the property, such as internet charges, heating charges and water charges.
Fortunately, damage is very rare in most rental situations since we have a strict tracing policy. Keep in mind that renting your home can cause small signs of wear and tear. After the departure of our travelers, we check your home for any type of damage. If there is any damage, we take pictures, show them to you and submit a request for resolution.

How do you filter travelers?

We attach more importance to security than occupancy, which is why travelers are always screened before any booking confirmation based on several criteria:
. Their profile on the different platforms: comments and rating they have.
. The “profile” of their reservation: have they already rented, is the request for a single night, is it for a week or a weekend….
. The rating given on the platforms
Also, rest assured that your property is thoroughly cleaned in accordance with national government standards for the actual pandemic. Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected to ensure your safety and comfort and guidelines will be applied by our host upon request.